Top 10 Indian Digital Marketing Campaign of 2016

Top 10 Indian Digital Marketing Campaign of 2016

A List top 10 Indian Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2016 that have managed to connect with the customers through various social media platforms by using the techniques of  digital and social media marketing
  1. JABONG – BE YOU Campaign.
  It was a campaign that managed to attract the younger generation by encouraging the youngsters to be themselves and dress according to their likes and dislikes. They made use of YouTube and Instagram to gain more response from the customers. To connect more with the youngsters, they used the concept of youngsters having two sides one where they have to dress according to their dislikes and the other one according to their likes. This has helped them to attract more customers to the app and website of their online shopping store. 2.  FLIPKART- #Bigdiwalisale Flipkart has come up with this marketing strategy that deals with connecting with the target market. Setting the right target market is very important and flipkart has managed to achieve that successfully. Through kids they show their target customer and their customer’s behaviour which turn comes out to be an attracting point, customers also find it funny watching kids in different scenarios that depict their own behaviour. This leads to increase in the interest of customers that lead them to check out the offer and their website.
This new ad campaign along with the Marvellous Creations has gained marvellous reviews from the customers. The Marvellous Creations has been loved by all. The Alien ad, different from all the previous ad campaigns have managed to catch the eye. The concept of telling that the chocolate “TASTE MORE CHOCOLATEY” than before has been conveyed through this animation which has also been given a look with the colors of purple and brown same as the packaging of Cadbury chocolates. 4. NIKE- #JUSTDOIT. The #JUSTDOIT Nike campaign was a great marketing strategy, it featured Deepika Padukone and Athletes. It gave message to people to never stop dreaming, to achieve your dreams, not to loose hope and also to stay fit. This campaign has targeted the audience that wish to do things sporty and also the audience that are already into fitness. 5. AMAZON- #ADJUSTNOMORE The new ad campaign from Amazon has been successful in displaying that they provide all types of products.They opted for sharing the message “adjust no more” where the commercial features Konkana Sen Sharma and Zareena Wahab. Also the Great Indian Festival from Amazon has also geared a lot of customers as well due to its seasonal campaign. 6. Tanishq- #TanishqWaliDiwali Tanishq Tanishq has once again brought a beautiful campaign that embarks the season and festival of Diwali. The commercial beautifully displays the collection “SHUBHAM” with a beautiful festive music. The ad successfully captures and displays the sentiments of the customers during this festival. 7. Hewlett-Packard (HP)  Hp has launched its new thinnest laptop and its marketing campaign is simple but at the same time very eye-catching to the customers. The commercial also shows the quote review done for the laptop which gives an idea to the customers about the product. 8.HUGGIES. Huggies new ad campaign is all about how important a mother’s hug is for a child and they have done it successfully. The babies in the commercial of Huggies always strike a cord with the audience specially the mothers and it does a wonderful job of targeting the correct audience and fulfilling the smallest need of the customers. 9. PATANJALI. Patanjali the new entrant in the market has managed to gather a lot of audience towards itself with successful marketing of their products. The products are natural and ayurvedic which attract the audience that uses product with natural ingredients. They are slowly but steadily being successful in marketing. 10. APPLE. Apple has always been successful with their marketing strategies and this time it is no different. This time they have come up with a new campaign focusing on the feature of taking photos in the dark. Like always they have managed to show how the camera captures and the quality of the photo which is the attracting factor of iPhone, this being its seventh version i.e. iPhone 7. **Digital Marketing Course is where you can learn social media marketing. tutorials on SEO, SEO courses and all the digital marketing topics that come of as an additional help during marketing.**

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