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Course Details

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Digtal Vs Traditional Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Scope of Digital Marketing

Website Creation

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Create a WordPress Website
  • Content Planning
  • Theme Selection

E-commerce management

  • Understanding e-commerce
  • Advantages
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Competitive analysis

Search Engine Optimization

  • Introduction to SEO
  • How do Search Engines Work
  • A deep dive into Google Algorithm

Search Engine Marketing

  • Introduction to Ad model by Google
  • Google Ad Rank Algorithm
  • Bidding on Adwords

Social Media Marketing

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • 5 As of Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing

Google Analytics

  • Introduction to Analytics
  • Analytics Terminology
  • Audience in Analytics
  • Acquisition in Analytics

Email Marketing

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Types of Email
  • Tools for Email Marketing

Digital Creative

  • Introduction to Canva
  • Creating Digital Creatives
  • Create posters and banners
  • Creating Infographics

Youtube Marketing

  • Introduction to Youtube
  • Channel Management / Optimization
  • Youtube SEO

Effective Lead Generation

  • How to create bribe offer
  • Creating high converting      page
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Content Strategy

  • Content Marketing
  • Types of Content
  • Content is the King
  • Content Marketing Strategy

Media Buying and Planning

  • Media Planning and Optimization
  • Media Buying Campaigns & Steps
  • Selling & Service providers

Online Reputation Management

  • Introduction to ORM
  • Importance of ORM
  • ORM Strategies
  • Impact of negative conversations

Affiliate Marketing

  • Selling through affiliate channel
  • Revenue generation AM
  • AM budget and strategy planning

Inbound Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing Fundamentals
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Understanding lead generation

Integrated Marketing Communication

  • Introduction to IMC
  • Information required for Communication Campaign
  • Communication Agencies
  • Decision required for communication campaign

Leadership Lessons

  • Leadership lessons by Harvard Business School Scholars
  • Case Study
  • Group and Individual Presentations

Digital Marketing Test

  • Theory Test and Evaluation
  • Practical Test

Softskill Training

  • Execution skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Interview training

Live Project (SOS NGO)

  • (Elective – 15 days project)


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