The Best Feminists Advertisements of India

The Best Feminists Advertisements of India

  There have been various advertisements that have tried to sent the message of breaking the stereotypes in our society. Some have managed to portray the message successfully while some have not. There are many ads out there that have portrayed feminism. Let’s see some of advertisements that have managed to bring a smile on our faces. Titan Raga- The Raga Woman Of Today #HerLifeHerChoices Titan raga campaign has managed to gain a lot of positive reviews for almost all their ad campaigns. This one is no different. This ad features actress Nimrat Kaur, where she is shown as an independent women who has moved on after her marriage does not regret making that decision. And it also successfully shows how it’s not always necessary for women to adjust. Titan Raga- When Is The Right Time To Get married? #HerLifeHerChoices Once again Titan has managed to create the right effect through their campaign. In this ad, we can see actress Katrina Kaif speaking about the right time to get married . And it just doesn’t stop there, the ad also gives out the message of being you, making choices that you want to and also taking decisions that you are comfortable with and also know are the right ones.   Anouk by Myntra- Bold is Beautiful | The Whispers This beautiful ad shows us how a single mother independently takes care of her child. It also shows how the society cannot help but whisper. It shows an independent women is taking care of her child and is also proud about it, because she doesn’t need anybody to help her . It breaks another stereotypical taboo that is present in our society.   Anouk- Bold is Beautiful | The Calling Myntra has been creating beautiful ad campaigns that manage to gather and target the right audience. In this ad we can see that how one is discriminated in their workplace and also the strong response that is given. Ariel #ShareTheLoad It is a beautiful ad where a letter from a Dad is given to his Daughter apologizing about the way things have been and the way things could be. The video does the excellent work of sending the message. Brave and Beautiful- Dabur Vatika Salutes Cancer Survivors The ad is all about supporting the cancer survivors and also telling us that inner beauty is the most important aspect than other. One must have confidence and never feel low just because of what society may say.   These are the ads that have done it right by showing that women do have an important role in life and not just what the society portrays her to be.              

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