How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog?

How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog?


Let’s learn how to choose a domain name for your blog, so let us get started. So whenever you type a domain name the browser is loading a website from a server. The server has an IP address. If you move your website to another server, then the IP address also changes. So users who can’t remember the IP address every time so they can remember only the domain names and that makes browsing much easier. For example, you have phone numbers of your friends and assume that your friend’s number is the IP address, so a phone number of your friend can be changed but the name will remain the same. So even if the server IP address changes the domain name does not change and you will be able to load the website very easily.


So every domain name has something called domain name records where this data is stored. So domain name records are held at the domain registrar. A record points to the server IP.Mx record points to Mail Server IP. There is something called TXT records that are used for domain verifications. So building a strong brand that needs to have a good recall and good association then you need a good domain name. So the domain name is the brand name when it comes to online business. So if you don’t have an offline business and your entire business is online when it comes to blogging entire business is online the domain itself becomes a brand name. Good business is built on a bad domain name will suffer. So if you are going to invest a lot of time in building a good business then make sure you invest in your domain name.


  • The domain name should be of two to three words.
  • We should pass the phone test(no funny names).
  • .com is always preferred (because of the branding power of .com as a Top Level Domain). Ideally 12 characters or less.
  • Geographic TLDs are OK for country-specific: Niches.
  • Some gTLDs do not have value in the market. Example: .pro


A database contains the contact details of every domain name owner. You can check ownership of any domain name at or any other query tool. There is an option to hide these details for a cost. So if you don’t mind the extra cost paying on whois privacy then you can go ahead. If someone looks up to your domain name or website on whois database they will not have your email id, phone number, and address, so generally phone number and email id is displayed in the whois privacy and if you don’t want to buy the database you can still give a email id and a phone number that you don’t use frequently and you can put a forwarding mail address or some office address so that your privacy is not revealed. And one more thing .in domains cannot be protected this is because of the rules in India, domain names are controlled by Indian head registered so they don’t allow whois privacy.

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