How To Create A Strong Blogging Brand?

How To Create A Strong Blogging Brand?


Today we are going to discuss how to create a strong blogging brand, so let’s get started. The first step in creating a strong brand is to understand whoever the audience is. So to understand who the audience is, we have to develop something called buyer personas. So buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal buyer based on market research and past data according to existing buyers. It helps identify who an average buyer looks like for our business. There can be multiple buyer personas for a website or a business like for a supermarket. You can understand who your target buyer is by surveys, profile research, and groups. So once your target audience is clarified then you can target the buyer persona and then communicate only to them and it could be either him/her, or it could be two or more buyer personas but you target ads to them and target communication with them.


You need to have products and services to start making revenue from your blog. Your blog is an attraction channel but attracting people alone is not enough you need to sell them something if you want to make money, if you don’t make money you will not be able to find yourself justifying the time spent on creating content. So you need to have the right product-market fit so ideas will come only from understanding your audience well. You should always under promise and over-deliver when it comes to products and services. A brand is something that we are developing trust with our customers and building long term brand for long term sustainability. You know there are a lot of digital marketing institutes in India who charge over 50,000 for digital marketing courses. There are some good institutes as well but there are a lot of bad institutes and these bad institutes basically are overpromising and under delivering. You have to target long term brand growth vs short term revenue growth.


If you are focused on selfish gains, if you are focused on blogs and just blogging to make money then your audience will know it and you will not be able to grow. If you honestly help the people then you will be able to easily scale business in the right direction. The money you make is an indication of the value you have made in the world. (Ex: Bill Gates).Scale value creation and your revenue will automatically scale. These were the main points you have to follow in order to build a very strong brand.

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