Search Engine Optimization On-Page and Off-Page Activities.

Search Engine Optimization On-Page and Off-Page Activities.

  Search engine optimization is the tool helpful to increase the ranking of your website on Google’s Search Results. Now, there are two SEO activities that help to gain a good ranking on the Google’s Search Results Page. ON-PAGE ACTIVITIES: This activity basically focuses on the website. Like the name suggests it is all related to handling the activities on the website like editing an article, the layout of the website etc. OFF-PAGE ACTIVITIES: This activity focuses on the activities related to social media and other networking platforms/sites. It helps to make their appearance in the market. It is also a way of letting people know about your website. Following are the various off-page activities: Quora: It is a website where you answer questions to topic that you relate and know about. While answering those questions you can attach your website link. When people read your answer there are chances that they check out the link. It leads to your website which means more traffic for the website. Yahoo Question/Answers: This activity is them as Quora. You answer questions and attach links that direct users to your website and make them consider visiting your website on a regular basis to check out the daily blogs and other updates. Slide Share: This is a site that is in association with Linked In. You can upload PowerPoint presentations on various topics and at the end again you put the links that will take the user directly to your website. Directory Submissions: Directory submissions are those where you submit your website or you could say you register it in a systematic form like you do in a directory. This form has become less popular but it is still very useful. Social Networking Sites: Social networking sites are very useful nowadays, seeing there are a lot of users that are available on these networking platforms. Social networking sites are a very good place to promote and market your website. You can share your articles on Facebook and other social media apps.

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