Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

  Search engine optimization helps to bring your website on the top of the Google’s search results page. It helps to optimize your content and make it perfect for the audience to read and understand what your article is focused on. There are many aspects to search engine optimization. It can be used in various ways. SEO is very helpful as it focuses on certain factors such as keywords, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. KEYWORDS: Keywords are words that focus on the main topic of the whole article. There can be a number of them. Keywords are those words which are used by the users to put as their query in the Google search bar. There is a keyword planner that comes up with various keywords to help you with. These keywords more or less decide on what position your page appears on the Google’s search results page. ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION: On-page optimization means to optimize the content on your blog. On-page optimization includes the edits that are necessary for the blog. It focuses mainly on the articles that are posted on the website according to the schedule. Article you could say are the traditional way of doing the online marketing or internet marketing. Writing articles about your website, what it deals with and more information about the products in case of corporate companies. OFF-PAGE OPTIMIZATION: Off-page optimization is the modern method in Digital marketing where you optimize your website or company through social mediums. You make your presence known on different social media platforms and link the users directly to your website to see some of your on-page work. Which basically focuses on the various topics you write articles on and if you are a company then information about your company’s products, company history, the vision, the mission etc. There are many mediums that are linked with off-page optimization. There is Quora, YouTube, Slide share, Yahoo question and answers, Directory submissions etc. Thus, search engine optimization, optimizes your work but also helps you create a mark and presence and create more network and traffic towards your website.

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