Website with a good content, design, layouts etc. gets good SEO rankings. It is very difficult to audit and keep in track with the progress. SEO has become a very important part of a website’s progress as it helps in developing and updating the website on various levels. So to check whether the website is making any progress, SEO audit tools are used. SEO audit tools are those that help you track your website’s performance on Google as well as the amount of traffic the website has managed to gather. There are various SEO audit tools that are helpful for auditing your website. Following are 5 SEO audit tools from the many to check your website’s performance:
  • Google Webmaster’s Tools:
Google Webmaster’s Tool helps you see how Google actually analysis the performance of your website and gives you information and also clears all your doubts. This can be done best through Search Console. It is the best way to know the performance of your website.
  • SEO Report Card:
SEO Report Card helps you do an overall analysis of your website. Built by UpCity, it analyses the rank, link building, and the website accessibility and many more.
  • Deep Crawl:
Deep Crawl gives you all the information about the progress and the ups and down’s faced by the website. It also helps you by informing about any errors or issues in the website. It gives you the competitors progress reports as well so that you can compare and bring changes in your website to compete with your competitors.
  • MOZ Crawl Test:
MOZ crawl test finds out the SEO opportunities, website growth and tracks the overall website report. It has its own web crawler that checks the URL links progress and send the email at the end with all the required data.
  • Check My Links:
Check my link is useful when you want to know the links attached (external or internal) whether they work or not. It also helps in checking whether or not there are broken links in the website. This helps when you want to know whether a particular link works or not. Hence, these are the audit tools that help best in keeping check with the progress of your website and the search engine optimization.

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