Social Media The New Born In The World Of Marketing

Social Media The New Born In The World Of Marketing

  Social Media is the new craze that has settled among the people especially among the new generation. Social Media has become a platform where people express their thoughts & their daily activities.  It has also managed to create a stir in the business world. Specially in the marketing field. There are various social media platforms in the digital world. Below are some of the social media platforms that have managed to give a new phase in the world of marketing. FACEBOOK: Facebook being the biggest social platform where people post about photos and their thoughts. Facebook has also become a successful platform for promoting his/her business. Companies can now create a Facebook page concentrating only for business purposes. It helps to let people know about the new collections, products etc. Companies use this platform to also launch new offers and contest that keep people engaged to the product. INSTAGRAM: Instagram has also gained equal popularity in terms of marketing. Where Facebook is used to promote and tell about the seasonal offers. Instagram is used to post photos about the day to day happenings related to the particular product and brand. Instagram is such a platform where one can use various innovative ways. And also post photos about the work-in-progress stage in the making of a product. It also becomes an interest factor towards gaining more viewers. SNAPCHAT: Snapchat is a platform used for giving the live updates about everything and anything happening in and around the company. The products are nowadays launched through these platforms by posting new stories. This has managed to gather a lot of positive attention from the customers. LINKED-IN: Linked-In is a platform which is fully based on business and is used for business purposes only. This has been a great platform for new entrepreneur’s and also for new job seekers. It helps to explore and create a network in the market. YOUTUBE: YouTube has become the new way of showing the ads before the main video starts. This video is basically of 15-20 seconds. Now, some products are launched through these ads before they go on TV. This helps to gain the maximum views while the viewers watch other videos. Social media is a huge platform where there are billions and billions of users all around the world connected through this medium. And marketing using social media helps to connect not only thousands but also billions of users.

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