The Best Social Media Campaigns In India For 2016

The Best Social Media Campaigns In India For 2016

Social media is a huge platform where billions and billions of people are seen on various networking sites and applications. Social media in the present day has gained a lot of popularity. Thus, creating a new way of marketing campaigns. Social media is indeed a huge place and it is not easy to make a mark in the social marketing field. Let’s see the one’s that managed to create a positive mark. #ThingsDon’tJudge In this ad campaign we see that e-bay has gone in a different direction. In this ad we see them breaking all the stereotypes. This ad was very different from what their competitors. This ad was very welcoming on Facebook as well as Twitter by gaining a lot of views. Snapdeal #UnboxDiwaliSale Snapdeal brings another creative ad campaign. It manages to gather views on Facebook that helps them gather traffic to their website. They always come up with new taglines which manages to keep them unique from the others. Parachute Advanced #KhulKeKheloHoli  This ad gained a huge positive response from social media platforms. This ad features how holi is not just about colours but also about having fun and celebrating together irrespective of who they are. This has managed to give a social message as well as give a smile on our faces. Thus, These are some of the best social media marketing campaigns that have managed to create an effect on the public. The best way to have a successful marketing campaign is to know the audience and deliver the right content.    

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