What Are Backlinks?

What Are Backlinks?


So simply said backlinks are links on a website that when clicked by the user, takes them to another website. Backlinks can be in the form of images, animations, or proper links.


  • It is still one of the biggest ranking factors for Google.
  • A backlink is basically like a vote from one website to another.
  • It is a sign of trust.
  • The more relevant votes it gets the more Google will value it.
  • Referral Traffic. This is especially useful in both organic SEO and local SEO. Also, backlinks will give a healthy amount of traffic, so it is safe to say that backlinks are the backbone of SEO.


Now we have established the fact that backlinks are very important when it comes to SEO, but does that mean that you go out there and get as many backlinks as possible, not quite might I explain why? You need to understand the concept of link quality and link juice. So the quality of backlinks placed is very important.

So how does Google do this?

  1. Every individual incoming link will have its own quality score, this is called page rank. Page rank is a score given by Google from 0 to 10. A lot of people may say that page rank is not valid but let me confirm that page rank is definitely valid, even today Google still uses it for the page rank.
  2. Link juice is the value and authority that one website passes on to the other. In past page rank was available to see for public users, but now Google has closed the public authority to view the page rank. Now why are we trying to get the link from a quality website, we are trying to this basically to observe the link juice of that particular website.
  3. Relevance, Authority, Location (if the website ranks good for them more the link juice)
  4. Inbound links will determine how much of the link juice you will get.


A link that allows link juice to pass to the linked website is a Do Follow link and a link that does not allow link juice to pass to the linked website is a No Follow link. A No follow link can still send referral traffic to your website which can be very relevant considering where you are getting the backlink from. Also, a good and normal backlink profile of any website will consist both of Do follow and No follow links roughly in the ratio of 50-50.


  • Anchors tell Google what the web page is about.
  • Quoting Google: “..anchors often provide more accurate descriptions of web pages than the pages themselves”.
  • Anchors help describe images, programs, databases, etc. and also help crawl them.

This was all about it, hope you gain much knowledge and implement that knowledge easily, for further details keep reading and enroll for courses at https://digitalmarketingcourses.net

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