What Is A Lead?

What Is A Lead?


In this article we are going to learn what is a lead, so let’s get started. Lead is a piece of contact information that can convert to a sale. So lead is the contact information of a potential customer that is going to buy from you. Lead can be an email or a phone number, it can have more details about the customer but the minimum requirement is an email or a phone number. If you have the said details of a particular customer and if there is a chance that he/she is going to buy from you then this is called a lead.

Site visitors, retargeting pixels/tags, push notification subscriptions are not leads. Another thing I want to tell you about lead generation is that lead generation is not required for commodities. So lead generation is required when you are selling software or a software service or either it could be some like automobiles where the product needs some education. When we look at commodities the product is going to be similar across all the suppliers.


There are different ways to generate leads, the most common methods that you may have seen is the free trial registration. So if you are visiting an online service which is a software product who is going to start up with a free trial, the free trial registration becomes a lead for the company. In terms of training and information product signing up for a free course or signing up to download an ebook or industry report is a common method to generate leads. Another way to generate leads are the requests for a product demo. Business card collection at events is also a way to collect leads, even the phone calls you get are leads as you are getting the phone number of the potential customer. The purchase of front end products at a low price is also a lead generation.


Leads are not ready to buy instantly. Most of the leads will be cold leads they have to be converted into warm leads through lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is best done with drip marketing emails. Phone calls can be done if the ticket size of the product is high. So we can give free content and get attention so whenever someone signs up for my free digital marketing course I don’t go ahead and present my paid products instantly, I will go ahead and give them free content and get attention and this is going to convert cold links into warm links.

So we can educate the customer about the product and even show testimonials from existing customers. We can intensify the need for the product or service, You can also help them to choose the right products offering to the content that can be delivered through emails and phone calls.


Let’s look at how to convert leads into customers, so that your leads convert into paying customers eventually because for every lead you are paying some money and you are going to lose this money if you don’t try to convert it into paying customers. So this is where attribution is very important because if you can go and find certain characteristics of your paying customers then you can try going ahead with acquiring these paying customers. Now there is always going to be a conversion ratio and  the conversion ratio is never going to be 100% no matter how much you target, so if you are generating 100 leads you can never expect all of them to convert. Follow up emails and phone calls are necessary. If the price of the product is high, make phone calls as they are more personal.

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