What Is Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)?

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)?


In this article, we are going to discuss conversion rate optimization, so here we go. Conversion rate optimization is a structured system to improve website performance and increase visitors to a website and convert them to customers. We all have websites, the website must be optimized to ensure that the website gives you the business and generates traffic, this traffic is further converted into customers. You have to analyze the feedback of users like how much a user is spending time on your website, their comments and their issues they are facing, this is only possible through analytics. You need to keep on improving the performance of your website, only then the user gets attracted to your website. You need to optimize your website according to your strengths and weaknesses to get a better conversion rate.

Focus more on quality than the quantity as that will serve the customer and lead to conversion.


The important thing you need to do is have a landing page and that landing page has to generate business for you. It may work or it may not what you can do is A/B Testing that actually tells you which landing page is working and which is not working. You can try this test and it works.

We need to analyze the journey of the customer, how can this be done? When a customer or user comes to your website you need to see what are the pages that user is going through, how much time do they spend and which are the pages where you get high traffic, this is the kind of traffic that needs to be tracked.

What is a landing page:-

A Landing page is a page where the user comes either organically, or via paid medium or through an e-mail link. These are the different ways through which the user lands on the landing page. The landing page is precisely made to drive traffic for making a sale or for a particular reason so that the landing page will provide the kind of information that the user is looking for. This is basically what landing page is all about with an objective of targeted marketing. If I am looking for a particular service or a particular product I’ll either go through organic mediums or paid advertising. It is an engagement between a company and the customer.


  • Make sure the headline is perfect.
  • Key points should be placed at the top.
  • Content to be specific and targeted preferably.
  • Use an image as it plays a critical role in landing pages.
  • Test page before the campaign.
  • Deliver on what is promised.

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