What is E-MAIL Marketing?

What is E-MAIL Marketing?


Email marketing means using emails as a marketing tool to send emails to intended customers to disseminate quality information on products, services, and solutions of a business. Email marketing is used to send bulk emails collectively to a set of users with one common email to all. Large companies and marketers use exclusive email marketing software, autoresponders to send emails. Autoresponder software allows you to track the email sent.


Content and copy are at the heart of an email. Everything boils down to effective content. The copy could make or break an email campaign. Write a compelling subject line with actionable language and use effective personalization. Keep it short and crisp. 

Here are some tips for effective content:-

1] Keep it simple

2] Use simple language that everybody can understand.

3] Use simple colors.

4] Make information readable.

5] Provide contact details.

6] Use social media links.


A Landing page is a page where the user comes either organically, paid to advertise or through an email link. Make the user reach a specific page by providing specific information. 


Html email comes with a design. The entire email is coded in HTML format. It offers a rich experience to users. Also, test HTML email before they are sent. HTML email have reduced open rates.


  1. Make HTML coding neat and clean.
  2. Better still buy a template that suits.
  3. Avoid using heavy images
  4. Test email across browsers and machines and resolutions.


They are without design and hence load quickly. They have enough space to put across the message. A/B tests suggest plain text email have more open rates. Most marketers use simple text emails.


  1. Use short paragraphs.
  2. Be precise and to the point.
  3. Avoid lengthy emails.
  4. Ensure the links in the email are tested.
  5. Test across browsers.


Newsletters are informational emails that are sent to existing and prospective users/customers. There is a periodic update on products and services and 90% are based on educational and 10% based on promotional. The newsletter is a good marketing tool that creates awareness. They make you more connected with the customers. They also ensure the user does not forget you. It’s the marketer’s responsibility to generate customer loyalty and build relationships. Marketers and professionals extensively used newsletter’s to connect with the user. An excellent tool to sell your expertise and skills. It also creates a brand identity as an expert.This helps to turn the user’s into customers. 


If you have a database of thousands of email ids, the best way is to automate the mailing list.

Clean up to remove duplicate id.

Segment and segregate the database by location, age, gender.

Execute the targeted campaign.


Certification in Email Marketing is good for your profile. Certified email marketers are in good demand and you can gain expertise in email marketing.

This is was all about email marketing. I hope this helps you.

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