What Is Mobile Marketing?

What Is Mobile Marketing?


Mobile marketing is a major part of digital marketing. It is a new form of marketing where businesses aim to reach their target audience on their smartphones, tablets or mobile devices via SMS, email, website, social media, apps, etc. If done correctly it connects businesses with potential customers with personalized, time and location sensitive information so that they can buy anything they need or want on the go.

The era of mobile marketing has arrived and if you haven’t already implemented it, mind you, you are lagging in the race.

Mobile marketing is one of the best and the latest innovative marketing strategy, most of the companies are using and utilizing all over the way.


Now, what are the multiple channels of mobile marketing that are available for us:-

  • SMS Text Messages.
  • Search/Display ads:- More often you get an image popping out of window When you are browsing through the mobile app or some other app, these are the image and display the ad.
  • Location-based Service:- Marketing messages based on location.
  • Augmented reality mobile campaigns:- Location-specific information.
  • 2D Barcodes:- Scan bar codes to access associated information. This technology is extensively used all over the world.
  • GPS Messaging:- Location-specific messages that users pick, it means the user is passing through a particular place and you can send them the information to the user based on the GPS. This is another way of mobile marketing techniques.


So first is optimizing micro-moments, it means a user is on the goal and the user is looking for specific information for a specific purpose immediately, those are called as micro-moments. Second is QR Codes, quick response codes this is the scroll bars you see in black and white, they are extensively used all over the world for providing the information to the users.

The third is Hyper-Local Marketing: if a customer is moving through a particular area and has purchased something in that particular area, you can send them Geo locative information of new products that you are offering to the users who have purchased something in the previous week. This helps drive conversions and gives your customers a personal touch.


  1. Effective Targeting of consumers.
  2. Wearable Technology.
  3. Virtual and Augmented Reality.
  4. Artificial Intelligence Usage.
  5. Mobile Payments.
  6. Mobile Wallets.
  7. Social Media Penetration.
  8. Video Advertising.

At last, here we come to the end of the article, so through this article we came to know about what is mobile marketing, what are the multiple channels, how businesses are driving conversions and what are the latest trends used in mobile marketing in today’s world, hope it helps you gain knowledge about it, and for further details log in https://digitalmarketingcourses.net.

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