What Is Pay Per Click ?

What Is Pay Per Click ?


In this article, we are going to learn what is pay per click (PPC). Pay per click is a paid online advertising model that aims to drive traffic to the websites and landing pages. The advertiser pays to the publisher or to the search engines for bringing traffic to their website using this model, which is based on a keyword. The ads are displayed on the publisher’s website with the headline, description, and links, where the user clicks on the link to land on the website through which conversions take place. This is how PPC works.


The main process of PPC is to first analyze the keywords, then identifying Demographics Geographics, and the audience. After this structure for the payment is created, For this analysis and optimization takes place. At last, the campaign is set up for launching it.

What Are The Areas Of Excellence For PPC:-

  1. Extensive Keywords Research
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Smart Bidding
  4. Compelling Heading and Description.
  5. In-depth Analysis.

PPC Facebook Advertising:-

According to the survey done by Facebook, there are nearly 1.94 billion active users, in that 1.15 billion are mobile active users and 1.28 billion are daily active users. Facebook says that more than 300 million photos are uploaded per day and not only that there are 65 million business pages. If you want to promote your services or brand, Facebook is the best ideal platform and Facebook also offers paid advertising. For doing that so you need best practices like setting up goals, identifying customers, targeting on demo and Geo and compelling Ad copy.

When you are creating an Ad on facebook it’s extremely important to target the geography and demography, so that you can have more conversions because your Ad is reaching to those people to whom you have targeted. Understand how your Ad is performing by analyzing, tracking, taking the report and optimizing your Ad.


RULES:-Headline should be of 25 characters.

               The description line should be of 35 characters.

               Display URL of 25.

               Destination URL of 1024 character.

TYPES:-Text Ad, Image Ad, Wap Ad, Specialized search Ad, Product     

               Ad, Display Ad, Dynamic Ad.


  1. Google Keyword Planner:-Keyword search analysis is the most important part of the PPC campaign. It is actually available in Google Adwords. It is absolutely free. You can use to analyze the keyword that is needed for the PPC campaign.It is extensively used all over the world.
  2. SEMRUSH:-There are some tools which are paid and some which provide free only for some features.SEMRUSH is one of them. It is also used for keyword analysis.
  3. To find the competitors in the market SpyFu, Buzzsumo and espionage are the best tools that provide complete details.
  4. You must use analytics when you are launching or executing the PPC campaign, So Google Analytics and Facebook Insights are the best tools for conversions and analytics.
  5. For creating a template or landing page, UNBOUNCE and LeadPages are some of the best tools associated with landing pages which provides a lot of information on user interface and user experience

Here we come to the end of this article, hope this article may provide you great knowledge about PPC.

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