Black Hat v/s White Hat SEO

Black Hat v/s White Hat SEO

Don’t make the mistake of calling yourself an SEO expert unless you acquaint yourself with black hat and white hat strategies. Black hat SEO are the rule breakers, the strategies applied in order to top the search rankings and google analytics.  the main motive of black hat SEO is to please the robot part of system, it has got nothing to do with the human audience. In order to achieve they black hat SEO use various techniques to serve their purpose. Black hat SEO is looking forward to short term popularity rather than long term stability. Popular SEO techniques are: unrelated keywords, keyword stuffing, tiny text, hidden links, duplicate content,  cloaking, etc. This often results in de-indexing from search engine, or most probably getting spammed! On the other hand White hat SEO pays attention to a combined audience that is, human as well as robot part of the audience. White hat SEO technique involves keyword research and analysis, content generation targeted for humans, branding etc. Usage of white hat SEO will ensure long term stability and popularity on search engine. Therefore the difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO has to do with the techniques used when trying to improve a website’s search engine ranking. White hat SEO a modified black hat SEO? Since most of the businesses are looking for long term success, none of the marketers will prefer Black hat SEO. techniques like tiered link building, keyword stuffing can make them land up getting de-indexed. Arguably, it can be noticed that Black Hat SEO techniques do work, and gives instant results as compared to their other contender, White Hat SEO Black hat SEO is just the unhealthy twin of White Hat SEO! In other words Black Hat SEO falsifies the techniques of white hat SEO to hazardous levels.    To be frank we are no different than Black hat SEO, you both expect great outcomes in short period of time. You both expect your share of traffic in the search engine market by easiest means. For instance,   With that in mind, here’s a list of six different things that you, the white hat SEO, can learn from black hat SEOs.  
  • Keyword analysis

Keyword research refers to locating the keywords users type most of the time, if you’re successful at that, no one can stop you from getting that desired rank.  Black Hat SEO are aware of this. Ever since ‘Keyword’ has been declared as a tool to successful SEO, Black Hat SEO’s are after that. But the disfigurement in Black Hat SEO is that they do it way too much Their way being more offending and ineffective. They keyword stuff! For example, if you notice the above content, it is stuffed with red apples. This aggravates Google filtering process, and end up  getting de-indexed. So while you don’t want to stuff your pages with annoying and chaotic keywords, you do want to include the right keywords to ensure no filtering And to find the right keywords, you can use Keyword Tool and many more free tools available for research. Enter the Keyword according to your product or website, and ‘keyword tool’ will present before you the list of words that should be included to appear in the top of search engine. These Keywords are selected for you according to their search volume. Google is smart enough in their ranking process, they want to understand your content and on basis of that they will rank you. You are judged on that basis that, how effectively you are using the limited amount of keywords, rather then just stuffing them  


  • Automatic content creation and operation

Tired of searching for novel content that will take the internet by storm? Getting popular on Google takes quite much of time? What if all this was done automatically, wherein your job is just to monitor the process! Pretty impressive right? Black SEO appoints  a robotic mechanism to generate content, stuffed with keywords.  Initially this definitely increases the no of Unique  visitors but for a longer run this tactic increases the bounce rate decreases the engagement rate, referrals, conversion rate. Therefore we infer that blogging and creating consistent content is important, but appointing a robot to do it for you isn’t just distasteful but also useless. Google will derank you as soon as it finds out about this tactic. Content generation is one of the essentials of digital marketing but a human mind is required to do it, not some SEO rank-centered, illegible robot. The point is that, how consistently you are blogging and how unparallel your content is. 


  • Your brand name

In white hat SEO you choose your business name according to your preference, uniqueness, or according to the ease to pronounce it, or the name which helps you to perpetrate the mission of your business. Where as black hat SEOs, intermittently choose such a brand name which will help them to rank better on search engine. they do Keyword research to find out the popular ones and then name their brand accordingly, to leave no stone unturned to appear on the top search results for example, If an user types “sell house fast Seattle” and by coincidence that’s the Brand name of Black Hat SEO, there are brighter chances of them appearing in the Google search results . Ultimately, Google is a robot and doesn’t know that the use ris looking for. That gives black hat SEOs a dicy advantage. As a matter of of fact many reputed brands have translated this technique, therefore it no more remained a black hat technique. And it might not be a bad idea for your own business either. If changing your brand name to something more ideal for SEO can help your rankings, then it’s a small change to make for an automatic increase in traffic. Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid 1.Tiny Text, Hidden Text, and Hidden Links If you want your content to to be remembered by the visitor it is necessary to highlight the important words. This technique helps in building an impression on the readers.But hiding text in content to utilize Google’s search results is seen illusory according to Google’s webmaster guidelines. Avoid putting illegible text at the bottom of the page, or make the text the same color as the background, or format text or images that are visually undetectable as links. do: Write content that is intended to be read, contrast the text with the background color, and make links obvious. 2.Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages non Methodically stuffing pages with keywords, will land you up with just a high bounce rate and not with helpful visitors.  Do: Therefore creating content with a purpose should be the prime motto of every marketer. Aim to the audience not rank. 3.Link Farms A group of webpages fabricated by the solitary motto of linking to a target page, to improve search engine ranking. This is also called spamdexing.  Do: Link to and request links from relevant and high quality websites where the shift from one webpage to another makes sense for the visitor 4.Social Networking Spam  Target analytics on social networking sites and messaging non relative people with advertisements without. Do: Build a network of people with similar interests and exchange contact information when there is cordial interest. 5.Cookie Stuffing or Cookie Dropping Furtively placing affiliate cookies on computers is not only against Google webmaster rules but also futile. Do: Link to relative websites with affiliate links to earn a promising percentage of profit Let’s conclude! Black hat and white are basically twins. One prefers it honestly. The other prefers it dishonestly!But the strategies remain much the same. Now is the time time to realize what is necessary for a great marketing scheme. If you have been doing these mistakes, correct them right now, even if they ever gave you fruitful results. Replace PBNs with backlinks, keyword stuffing with keyword research, automation with content creation, internal links without exaggerating them, choose a brand name according to your business, and second-tier links to ease your own SEO strategy. Use the strategies, but with dignity!

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